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Poland's Best Communities
On 27 February, Warsaw School of Economies (SGH) hosted the award ceremony of the „Gmina na 5” (The Best Community Award) contest that was held under the patronage of PAIiIZ. This is the sixth time when SGH provides the research on readiness of Polish communities to provide services to investors.
27/02/2015    more...
MTU Aero Engines in Aviation Valley gets bigger
Affiliate of MTU Aero Engines from Germany, expands its branch in Poland. On 27 February the company officially opened its new 10,000-square-meter production facility in Rzeszów.
27/02/2015    more...
Poland - the gate to Japanese investments
On 27 February, Tokio held the Polish – Japanese Business Forum attended by 300 business representatives from both countries. This is the biggest economic event during the official visit of president of Poland Bronisław Komorowski to Japan. The meeting moderated by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman was arranged together by two investment agencies: PAIiIZ and JETRO from Japan.
27/02/2015    more...
Delegation from the Chinese province Hebei meets with PAIiIZ
The development of Polish-Chinese economic relations was discussed by a delegation of Hebei Province with Deputy Governor – Qin Boyong, the Chinese company Habei GmbH and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. The meeting was held in Warsaw on the 26th of February.
26/02/2015    more...
Polish President and business mission in Japan
An official visit of President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski in Japan has just began. The mission includes government administration and 50 representatives of Polish business. On the first day of the visit a business seminar on Polish-Japanese economic relations was held in Tokio. The meeting, co-organised by PAIiIZ, was moderated by president Sławomir Majman.
26/02/2015    more...
Polish Cities of the Future 2015/2016
Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań have been the leaders of the first Intelligence Polish Cities of the Future 2015/2016 ranking. The official Award Ceremony was held in Warsaw on 23 February, and it was attended by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman, deputy president Anna Polak Kocińska and undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economy Arkadiusz B±k.
24/02/2015    more...
The Financial Times teachs promotion
Trends in FDI inflows to Poland and in the world, the choice of potential investors, the experience of investment agencies, cooperation with media and promotion of the regions were the main issues of training about international investment promotion. The workshop by fDi Intelligence co-organized by PAIiIZ took place on the 24th February in Warsaw.
23/02/2015    more...

MoneyGram considered a wide variety of factors in choosing Poland and Warsaw, and we conducted a comprehensive global search that included several Eastern European countries. Poland’s fundamental strengths made it the obvious choice for MoneyGram. It offers a talented, educated workforce, a vibrant economy and financial services sector, and a business-friendly, environment. The Polish government and Polish Information and Foreign Investment...

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