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Food sector - a key beneficiary of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme
Enterprises from the Eastern Poland Macroregion representing food sector have signed contracts worth more than PLN 162 million. It is the biggest number and the highest value of contacts among all sectors from the Macroregion that have taken part in the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.
18/08/2014    more...
Two next completed projects in PAIiIZ portfolio
The number of completed FDI projects by PAIiIZ this year has grown to 27. Their total value will reach €1,648m. Due to them 5,835 new jobs will be created.
12/08/2014    more...
PAIiIZ plans for the incoming Autumn
By the end of 2014, PAIiIZ will be involved in over 50 events promoting Poland, its investment attractiveness and encouraging Polish companies to global expansion. The Agency also goes abroad to look for new foreign investors - especially from the manufacturing sector. On 12 August, during the press breakfast, PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman presented the Agency's plans for the coming months.
12/08/2014    more...
The agri-food and automotive sectors to strengthen Polish – Chinese relations
”We intensify the coperation with China. Today, we signed the agreement with Wuhan - PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman comented signing the agreement between PAIiIZ and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Wuhan. The event took place on 5 August at the Agency’s headquaters.
07/08/2014    more...
Ethiopia and Tanzania - a new direction for companies from Eastern Poland
After numerous trade fairs and business missions in Europe, Asia, and the US, PAIiIZ expands promotion of Easter Poland marco-region to Africa. In October 2014, companies from Eastern Poland will look for new business opportunities in Ethiopia and Tanzania.
06/08/2014    more...
Huffington Post: Poland is experiencing an economic miracle
The German edition of the Huffington Post has published an article about Poland. The author writes that ‘the jokes about Poles ended’ and Poland is currently experiencing its economic miracle.
01/08/2014    more...
6 new FDI projects in PAIiIZ portfolio
Over 34,500 new jobs can be created due to FDI supported by PAIiIZ.
28/07/2014    more...

"Indesit has been developing and creating new facilities as well as new jobs in Poland since 1992. The country is a priority investment destination on the global map of the company’s strategic policy. We see Poland not only as a perfect location for distribution purposes in our sector. First of all, we associate Poland with Poles who are great people and employees to work with."

Antonio Melone,
Managing Director for Production,
Indesit Company Polska



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