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36 hours in Japan - the results of the latest business mission
36 hours in Japan - the results of the latest business mission. On 27 March, PAIiIZ, Japanese Embassy and JETRO investment agency hosted the seminar focusing on the results of the business mission of 50 Polish companies that accompanied president Bronisław Komorowski in his official visit to Japan this February. The mission lasted just 2 days. According to companies, the mission was well prepared and resulted in new business relations.
27/03/2015    more...
Towards new business destinations: Ghana and Mongolia
New business destinations and how to provide business activity in markets with completely different business culture was the main topic of the conference held in PAIiIZ on 26 March.
27/03/2015    more...
Mission to Turkey: Old friends and new leaders
Business talks, government meetings and Polish-Turkish Economic Forum in Ankara were the major highlights of the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs Grzegorz Schetyna and the minister of agriculture and rural development Marek Sawicki in Turkey. Official delegation was accompanied by a group of over 100 Polish companies representing 11 sectors, headed by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.
25/03/2015    more...
First quarter with 8 completed investments
MTU Aero Engines investment is the eight and the latest successfully completed projects with PAIiIZ support. The company will spend €13,8 m and create 50 new jobs
23/03/2015    more...
Three years of Polish medical tourism promotion
“For the first time in the history, Poland has been promoting itself as medical tourism destination. Due to the international promotion of the medical tourism sector, that lasted for 3 years, foreign audience discovered the potential of our country”, said PhD Ada Kostrz - Kostecka, head of the programme of promotion of Polish medical tourism on International markets 2012-2015 that was provided in cooperation of PAIIIZ. The conference summarizing the project was held on 18 March in PAIiIZ.
18/03/2015    more...
Governmental agreement on economic cooperation with Turkmenistan
Deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński together with PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman are taking part in the business mission to Turkmenistan. On 17 March the first in the history economic agreement between Poland and Turkmenistan was signed.
17/03/2015    more...
Poland - “The Country of Honour” in Ningbo
Polish presence at the incomming cross-industry fair hosted by Ningbo - one of the oldest cities in China –was the main highlight of the meeting between president Sławomir Majman with the chairman of the delegation of Zhejiang Province, Chen Ru Fang. The talks were held on 12 March in Warsaw. Poland will be the Partner of "Central and Eastern European Countries Products Expo 2015" arranged as a part of trade fair in Ningbo.
13/03/2015    more...

"In our search of development opportunities, ways of enhancing efficiency and improving competitiveness, we came across the Polish Aviation Valley. Due to the fact that Southern Poland is a region with strong traditions in the aviation industry, we easily found production specialists and experts to conduct research in our new Poland-based R&D centre."

Roman Staszewski
President of the Management Board
Hamilton Sundstrand Poland



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