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Governmental support for global expansion
Development of economic diplomacy and the system promoting Polish economy abroad were discussed on 22 July, during the Annual Ambassadors’ Conference. The debate led by undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Katarzyna Kasperczyk, was attended by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Economy - Ilona Antoniszyn-Klick, representatives of other ministries and ambassadors who represent Poland aboard.
23/07/2014    more...
Polish business talks with Guinea
On 18 July, during a meeting at PAIiIZ headquarters, Polish companies discussed opportunities of business cooperation with a delegation from the Republic of Guinea.
18/07/2014    more...
BASF - investment ambassador of Poland
„I hope that BASF will still play a role of the ambassador of Poland, the most friendly country for investors”, said deputy minister Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik during the grand opening celebration of BASF factory in ¦roda ¦l±ska that was held on 18 July.
18/07/2014    more...
More active engagement of Chinese investors
Business opportunities for Polish companies in the central city of Sichuan Province as well as Chinese investments in Poland were discussed during the meeting of PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman with the delegation of Chengdou that was held on 17 July.
17/07/2014    more...
New reports on Polish BSS sector
Pro Progressio Foundation, a partner of PAIiIZ, has issued reports on attractiveness for Business Service Sector in Poland.
17/07/2014    more...
Italy & Poland: Building Together 2014
In Poland there are more than 1,300 companies with Italian capital that have already invested €10 billion here. Those factors make Italy the fifth biggest foreign investor in Poland. Moreover, Poland is the first investment location for Italian investors among new EU Member States.
17/07/2014    more...
753 contracts thanks to EPEPP
During four years of the operating of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, provided by PAIiIZ, companies for Eastern Poland macro-region have already signed 753 contracts with foreign partners for a total value of over PLN 350m.
16/07/2014    more...

"When HP decided to open up our Global Business Service Center in Wrocław 5 years ago, we believed we would hire 1000 graduates by 2010. Today we employ +2000 specialists whose skills and experience are highly valued by our customers. We discovered that the potential of Poland widely exceeded the original assumptions we had… this is key as it also allows us to look ahead with optimism."

Jacek S. Levernes
Vice President - HP Global Business Services EMEA



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