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PAIiIZ summarises 25 years of FDI in Poland
Between 8 and 9 May, PAIiIZ invites you to participate in two panel discussions: on the summary of 25 years of foreign investments in Poland as well as the 3rd European Union - China Economic Cooperation Forum. Both meetings will be held under the VI European Economic Congress in Katowice (EEC). PAIiIZ is the co-organizer of the panels and the partner of the Congress.
18/04/2014    more...
What motivates companies to invest in R&D – join the survey
Deloitte invites you to participate in the annual study, which refers to the engagement of companies in providing research and development activities.
16/04/2014    more...
Competition for designing the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015
On 15 April, PAIiIZ announced the competition for designing the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan. The contest also includes the design of the internal exposition in the pavilion and its surroundings. The Union of Polish Architects (SARP) is the Patron of the competition. The contest is aimed at architects.
15/04/2014    more...
Fourth huge automotive investment
"After the Volkswagen cars in Września, Ronal Wheels in Wałbrzych SSE and the expansion of GM in Tychy, it is the fourth major investment of a huge automotive concern this year in Poland", said the PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman at the inauguration of the newest Michelin investment in Olsztyn. The project was supported by PAIiIZ.
14/04/2014    more...
Polish doctor, German patient
More than 60 businessmen from Poland participated in a trade mission of Polish medical centres. Representatives of the Polish companies took part in sector conferences in Cologne and Berlin. The trade mission was held on 9-11 April.
11/04/2014    more...

“Container terminal DCT Gdańsk was opened in October 2007. In 4 years, DCT became the destination for the largest vessels in the world. Poland is perfect for businesses looking to cover the entire region: it is the natural gateway to the CEE, benefits of a large local market and large pool of skilled and hard-working people."

Boris Wenzel,
Chief Executive Officer,
DCT Gdańsk S.A.



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