Total area of the voivodeship

35 558 km2

- in urban areas

5 334 511

Population density

147 persons/km2

Voivodeship capital


Other big towns in the voivodeship

Radom, Płock, Siedlce, Pruszków, Ostrołęka

Special Economic Zones


Industrial & Technology Parks

Płock Industry and Technology Park

Regional Investor Assistance Centre


International airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport, Mazovia Airport in Modlin 

Mazovia Region with Warsaw - the capital of Poland - is the leader of changes and the fastest developing region of Poland. Young, well qualified staff, low unemployment and the highest rate of employment - all these testify to high economic development of the region. Mazovia shows high internal diversification with a nationwide potential in nearly every field: science, research, education, industry and infrastructure.

Investment opportunities

  • area with a large concentration of companies also foreign;
  • the highest level of income per citizen;
  • location in trans-European transport corridors; well-developed railway network and the largest airport in the country ensuring connections with the big cities in the country and in Europe;
  • area with the highest level of innovations; outlays on R&D activities are one of the highest in the country;
  • importance of the region is stressed by Warsaw - capital of the country and the region, as well as a city of international importance;
  • Warsaw is characterized by the highest dynamics of economic changes in the country, large pool of qualified labour, high rate of privatization in the state sector;
  • central siting at the crossroad of commercial routes;
  • economics leader: the highest rate of participation in gross domestic product - 21.6% of the Polish GDP;
  • first position in Poland in gross domestic product per capita - about 160% average;
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange is the largest in the Central Eastern Europe.
  • Almost half of biggest companies in Poland are located in Warsaw
  • In 2013 there were over 740.000 economic entities registered

Sectors with huge potential

  • Food industry
  • Construction
  • BPO


Economic information about voivodship

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