Goleniów Industrial Park

The Goleniów Industrial Park

The Goleniów Industrial Park (GIP) is a fully developed area of about 405 ha, designated for production facilities and industrial services. Within the Park’s area runs Special Economic Zone which is a subzone of Kostrzyńsko-Słubickiej Special Economic Zone (www.kssse.pl).

Both Goleniów Industrial Park and Special Economic Zone are managed directly by the Municipality Mayor, and all works related to its development, investments and functions are carried out by Goleniów Municipality employees.

The park is fully developed area for investments. The park includes also a land with Special Economic Zone rights.


Goleniów is located in north-western Poland, at a distance of 35 km from Szczecin, 65 km from Świnoujscie and 200 from Berlin. Goleniów Industrial Park is located 3 km from the city Goleniów directly by the motorway No. 3 It is at a distance of 5 km from the city's International Airport Szczecin - Goleniów.

In the area of GPP 43 companies have invested (January 2014), with varied production and employment size. Among companies doing business here there are companies from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Korea, USA and Poland. They cover, among others, processing of agricultural products, food production, processing leather, packaging and processing of decorative stones, carpet yarn production, production of cardboard packaging, aluminium products, wallpaper, hygiene, transport trailers, laminated yacht hulls and blades for wind turbines, asphalt and concrete, abrasives as well as logistics and transportation.

Park’s offer

Goleniów Industrial Park offers fully developed plots designated for industry and industrial services. The plots are located on flat ground and are not built-up. There are no restrictions on industrial investment other than the desired environmental impact assessment.

46 acres of land fully prepared are available to investors at any time. 40 hectares of land with the rights of the Special Industrial Zone are also to be used. At the request of an investor Municipality is able, in a very short time, to prepare the next land.

Technical infrastructure is located in the technical area along the main access road, so that in the event of any work does not cause difficulties for the functioning of companies.

The owner of the plots on offer is Goleniów Municipality.

Companies already operating in the park

LM Wind Power - manufacturer of blades for wind turbines;
Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych - manufacturer of yachts;
Weber Polska - manufacturer of industrial tanks and plastic products;
Faymonville Polska - manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers of large size;
Baltic Spinning - manufacturer of carpet yarns;
Prologis Poland LXXI - halls rental;
Lucky Union Foods - sea food processing;
Vosschemie Polska - manufacture of chemical products and filler;
Pol-Glass - production of equipment for water parks;
BTS - production of abrasives.


Contact details:

Paweł Bartoszewski
Mayor’s Advisor for Goleniów Industrial Park
mob. +48 512 006 662
e-mail: pbartoszewski@goleniow.pl

Municipality and City Goleniów Office
Plac Lotników 1,
72-100 Goleniów
Tel. (+48 91) 46 98 200 or 222
Fax (+48 91) 46 98 298
E-mail: ugim@goleniow.pl
WWW: www.goleniow.pl



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