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Goleniów Industrial Park

The Goleniów Industrial Park

The Goleniów Industrial Park (GIP) is a fully developed area of about 400 ha, designed for needs of industrial production and services.  A Special Economic Zone, which is a subzone of the Kostrzyń-Słubice Special Economic Zone (www.kssse.pl), is also located in the GIP. 

The Goleniów Industrial Park with its Special Economic Zone part is managed directly by the Mayor of the Municipality, and every work connected with its development, investments and operation is led by office workers of the Goleniów Municipality.


The Goleniów Industrial Park lies 3 km from the Goleniów town, directly by the national road No 3. Goleniów is situated in the North Western part of Poland, 35 km from Szczecin and 65 km from Świnoujście. The Municipality area is 444 km2, and its population is about 33.000 inhabitants. It is an industrial and agricultural municipality with domination of the furniture and wood processing, cardboard and tin packages, chemical, textile and food branches.

A profile sector

Since 2003 investments of 35 companies have been located in the GIP. The companies represent a variety of industrial branches, for example: agricultural processing, food production, leather processing, decorative stone production and processing, production of carpet yarn, cardboard packaging, wallpaper, sanitary articles, ladders, laminate yacht hulls, trailers and transport semitrailers, and blades for propellers for wind power plants, asphalt and concrete, special abradant, as well as logistics and transport. Among the investors there are companies from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Korea, the USA, and Poland.

The GIP’s offer
The Goleniów Industrial Park offers fully developed plots designed for needs of industrial production and services. All of them are located in a flat area and they are non-built. There are no restrictions connected with industrial investments beside a required report on environmental impact of the planned project.


The companies operating in the GIP

At the moment 21 companies operate in the GIP, while 14 other are in the course of various stages of their investment constructions. Among the biggest operating ones there are: LM Glasfiber Poland Sp.z o.o.; Baltic Spinning; Lucky Union Foods - Euro Sp. z o.o.; Faymonville Polska Sp. z o.o.; Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych Spółka z o.o.; PC Factory S. A.; sia Biuro Technologiczne Sp. z o.o.; Akala Faraone Spółka z o.o.; Abena Polska; Rasch Polska; Prologis Poland LXXI.

Contact Data

Urząd Gminy i Miasta w Goleniowie
(The Goleniów Municipality and the Town Office)
Plac Lotników 1,
72-100 Goleniów
Tel. (+48 91) 46 98 200 or 222
Fax (+48 91) 46 98 298
E-mail: ugim@goleniow.pl
WWW: www.goleniow.pl



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