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Why didn’t you invest in Eastern Poland? The promotional campaign has started


Promotional campaign of Eastern Poland is to be launched. In Polish and foreign media the spots and print ads in a series of "Why didn’t you invest in Eastern Poland" will appear.

International media campaign of Eastern Poland is one of the points of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, which is implemented by PAIiIZ since 2010. For the Programme’s realization the Agency received PLN 86 million, which will be spent by 2015 on measures to promote strategic sectors in Eastern Poland.

Campaign to encourage the start-up business in the Macroregion, is primarily addressed to the heads of multinational companies, opinion leaders, international consulting companies servicing foreign investors.
The campaign strategy was developed by Demo Effective Launching company. The total cost of the preparation of the design, plan and schedule for implementing the campaign amounted to PLN 298,000.
Creators of the spot are asking the question to potential investor, spoken by mouth of his baby, father in law and psychoanalyst: "What do you say when your child asks: Why didn’t you invest in Eastern Poland?" The Spot was shot over two days with the participation of TPS studio crew. The team of 35 people worked on the commercial.
The Commercials and print ads will appear in the Polish TV news stations: TVN 24, TVN CNBC, Polsat News, TVP Info, weekly magazines: Newsweek, Polityka, Wprost, on the websites: onet.pl, interia.pl. gazeta.pl, egospdoarka.pl, as well as in the international economic media: CNN, The Econimist, FT online, CNN online.

Another film, "Macroregion", prepared for the trade fair, was shot within 8 days, with the participation of 200 people. Pictures were taken: in the Bieszczady Mountains, Zamość, Lublin, Mielec, Białystok and Mazury Lakes. The helicopter factory in Mielec, BRW furniture factory, as well as the sawmill and shipyard marina were filmed. The advertisement was attended by CEO of Auto Leopard, Mr Robert Owcarz.

Within the framework of campaign so far has been created: two commercials a length of 30 seconds (in Polish and English), one 15-second, two 8-second (the Internet use) and one 120 seconds length. Spots can be seen on websites: www.polskawschodnia.eu and on PAIiIZ website. (Demo/PAIiIZ)

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